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We offer courses for all major and minor school subjects, for all grades and types of schools.


  • French

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Language Arts

  • Sciences


Our tutoring sessions are based on a “pay-per-session” basis.


1 session = 1 complete hour


We operate everyday after school as well as on weekends. You are free to pick any time slots available. All sessions are prepaid, so you may drop in as frequently as you would like depending on the student’s course load (upcoming test/exam, assignments due during week, chapter quizzes etc.).


Easy Tutoring offers extensive and quality tutoring in form of





















We help students overcome their academic difficulties and weaknesses. With our broad teaching capabilities and the right qualified tutor, we will help guide your child to improve their abilities. Growing strong self-confidence and discipline, your child can secure a greater academic future.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Intense individual focused approach for the student that ensures more attention in detail.

2-on-1 Tutoring

Two students are paired up with similiar subjects and grade ranges.

Group Tutoring 

Groups consisting of 3 to a maximum of 4 students.

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