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We are a group of young professional tutors that have many years of experience in teaching and tutoring in many different disciplines.


Easy Tutoring provides tutoring for students of all age groups, all subjects and all grades. We have a keen interest in the academic success of your child and believe that a good relationship is essential for effective communication skills. It is important to provide a harmonious balance between you, your child and us. As a team, we see ourselves as helpers and supporters in dealing with academic problems of our students.


The tuition center Easy Tutoring was established in 2015.

Our Staff

Our staff is made of all above average marks - ranging from university graduates that have majored in Finance, Medical and Engineering fields.


We recruit the best tutors that have demonstrated exceptional performance in the discipline by accepting only above 90+ grades tutors. With specialty in Mathematics and French, hailing from Montréal - we are an exceptional team.


From the beginning, we have set our main goal to offer great quality tutoring at an affordable rate. The innovative core is based on our company´s philosophy:




We are convinced that it is possible for your child to reach academic success by having a close cooperation between the tutor, student and the perfect teaching concepts.


All men by nature desire knowledge.” (Aristoteles)


Therefore, each student receives individual support and subject-intensive lessons in a concentrated, yet pleasant learning environment at our center. At Easy Tutoring, you will approach studying with a whole new experience.


Dedicated teachers. Smaller groups of students. More individual focus.


Leading to more flexibility in teaching.


We - as a team - want to improve the academic performance of your child and ultimately achieving a greater academic future. 


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